Monday, December 5, 2011


Dis weekend we had an adventure!! Mom, Dad, Brownie, and me stayed at our furend's house! M & D's hooman friends, Karen and Eric were out of town! Karen is my favorite person other than Mom and Dad! So while they were gone, we stayed at their house to watch der dogs and cat! Dey have free Italian Greyhounds! Two are der dogs, Izzy and Jet. And da fird is a foster dog, his name is Toby. Dey also have a kitty named Spike. Me and Brownie had lots of fun playing wif our furends and der toys! Because we are iggys, we all did lots of cuddling and spent lots of time under blankies!! Here is a photo of what our weekend looked like:

Dat is Mom on da couch drinking a hot drink cuz she didn't feel good, behind her head is Jet, and then Toby, and by her legs is Izzy. Obviously, dat is me on her lap. We were being good doggies and snuggling wif her to make her sick go away!

And because she is one of my favorite peoples, here is a photo of me and Karen...

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