Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Coolest Prize Ever!!

November was da Anipal Awards Ceremony which included a weekend of fun activities on Twitter!! Besides getting to spend time togetfur wif furends, der were quizzes and games dat gave away prizes.
I won one of dos prizes, and it arrived in da mail today.

A BIG, BIG fanks to da #AAAC and to Cesar for dis amazing prize!!!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Gino's Best Christmas Ever!!!

My good buddy, Vincent has decided him wants a brofur. He and hims Mom and Dad did look on the interwebs at da iggys in der area who are lookin' fur der furever families. Dey did find da doggy dat dey want to adopt!!
Hims name is Gino, and he is a speshal needs doggy cuz he has troubles wif allergies and seizures.
Dey waited a long time after applying to adopt, den da nice IG Rescue lady visited der home and got to meet Vincent!! She said dey have a luffly family and dat dey will be da perfect home for GINO!!!!!!!
Efurryone is beary excited as dey are going to pick up Gino TOMORROW!!!!!
I is SO excited and can't wait to see all da fotos of der trip to go get Gino and bring him to hims new FOREVER home!!!! Just in time for Christmas! I fink dis will be Gino's best Christmas EVER!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Spirit?

Mom decided I needed to show some Christmas spirit. I's not sure dis is da right way to go about it...

Monday, December 5, 2011


Dis weekend we had an adventure!! Mom, Dad, Brownie, and me stayed at our furend's house! M & D's hooman friends, Karen and Eric were out of town! Karen is my favorite person other than Mom and Dad! So while they were gone, we stayed at their house to watch der dogs and cat! Dey have free Italian Greyhounds! Two are der dogs, Izzy and Jet. And da fird is a foster dog, his name is Toby. Dey also have a kitty named Spike. Me and Brownie had lots of fun playing wif our furends and der toys! Because we are iggys, we all did lots of cuddling and spent lots of time under blankies!! Here is a photo of what our weekend looked like:

Dat is Mom on da couch drinking a hot drink cuz she didn't feel good, behind her head is Jet, and then Toby, and by her legs is Izzy. Obviously, dat is me on her lap. We were being good doggies and snuggling wif her to make her sick go away!

And because she is one of my favorite peoples, here is a photo of me and Karen...

Monday, November 28, 2011

Santa Came To Our House Today!!

Efurry year, IGW has a Secret Santa exchange! Today, I got a package in da mail from MY SECRET SANTA!!! She is so pawsome!! She gave me lots of really cool stuffs! So to show efurryone what I got, Mom helped me make a slideshow of da fotos she took! Check it out!!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mom Made A Slideshow For My Sisfur, Brownie.

New Jammies!!

Last year, Mom ordered me a hoodie from . I duz luff my hoodie!

Der is one prollem doe. If Mom and Dad forget to push da hoodie up, it duz cover my boy bits and wifout meaning to, I duz pee on it when I is outside doin' my business! So dis year, before it gets real cold, Mom put in anofer order to Sewdoggie Designs for some jammies!! My new jammies came in da mail a week or so ago, and I duz REALLY luffs dem. Dey is very warm and when I goes outside to do my business dey duzn't get wet! And dey look good wif me boots!!

And if dat isn't enuff. Jane, the nice lady at Sewdoggie Designs, duz do embroidery on da fings she makes for free!!! Check dis out:

I fink it is very pawsome. I duz like to have my name on my stuffs!!
So if you need pawsome jammies or a new hoodie, do check out Sewdoggie Designs!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Sisfur, Lucy.

Before, I did write a post about my big sisfur, Brownie. Now, Mom and Dad tell me it's only fair dat I write one about my ofur sisfur, Lucy.

Dat is Lucy on one of her first days wif Mom and Dad. She was about a year and half old. (Dat's da same age I was when i was adopted!) But now she is 10!! Dat foto was taken a long time ago!

February, 2003 Mom and Dad adopted my sisfur, Brownie. I already told dat story. Dat Winter, Mom and Dad saw Lucy for adoption at da PetSmart dat we go to. Mom really wanted to adopt her but Dad said no. Dey kept visiting da store and visiting Lucy. Da more dey visited and da more dey played wif da cats, the more Dad considered adopting Lucy. Eventually he said it was okay. So at da end of October, dey did submit der application to da rescue. Da lady didn't want to adopt da cat to M&D cuz dey rent der home. She said hoomans who rent der homes usually moof and den don't want da animals anymore!! Can you believe dat?!? Mom told her dat her pets are her family, she would not leaf dem behind. Den da nice manager at PetSmart wrote a letter of recommendation for M&D, saying dey are good hoomans and are a good Mom and Dad and dat dey should get to take Lucy home! So da rescue decided to okay da adoption!! On November 2nd, 2003 M&D took Lucy home. Dey say she is a very social and sweet kitty. I.. well.. I's just fink she is a cat. I duz like to chase her!!
She has been wif Mom and Dad a long time now! She has never been mean to me, 'cept when I suprise her by being underneaf da blankie she tries to walk on. But even den she is not mean, she is just surprized.
I guess she is a good sisfur, but just look at dees fotos! Mom and Dad say I is sillies, but look at all the silly places dey haf found Lucy!!
Here are more photos of her.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Tomorrow is Fanksgiving here da USA. Dats a day where hoomans duz eat lots and is supposed to take time to be fankful for der lives, da people dey luff, and da fings dey have.
I fink eating lots duz sound pawsome. But Mom told me it is impawtant to remember not to share lots of hooman food wif doggies (even hounds, like me!), dat too much will make us unhealfy. She also sez dat some foods will make doggies sick even if dey duzn't make hoomans sick! So PLEASE be careful 'bout what you share wif your doggies dis Fanksgiving!! And remember not to give dem cooked bones as dey are dangerus.
But it is also impawtant to take time to be fankful for efurryfing and efurry one you love. 'Specially doggies, cause dat means extra cuddles fur us!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

My New Boots.

As I did already tell efurryone when Mom took me to visit her mom I gots LOTS of new stuff! One of da fings I got, dat I fot was embarrassing, was a pair of boots to wear in da snow.

Well, I has been practicing wearing my boots and dey is not so bad! I duz like to run in dem best. Today when we went to visit our friend, Bella the Border Collie, while her Mom is out of town, I did wear da boots. I asked Mom to make dis video so you can see me move around in dem.

I hopes you like it!

Click HERE to see me in my boots!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Pawsome Discovery!

My furends and I talk about lizards a lot. I's only ever seen dem in da store, like Petsmart or Petco, but some of my furends has seen dem in person! Even caught dem and played wif dem! Sometime dey duz play wif dem too ruff. Last time we was at Petco we found dis item, I took a foto of it to share wif my furends who get to play wif da lizards, I fot maybe dey should buy one, den da next time dey catch a lizard dey can put him on da leash!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

My Big Sisfur

I has two big sisfurs, Brownie is a doggie like me and Lucy is a cat. But today, I want to talk about my sisfur, Brownie.
Brownie was borned on July 2nd, 2002. I duzn't know what her life was like before, but when she was 7 monfs old she ended up at da Kansas Humane Society. Mom and Dad got married August 24th, 2002, and a short time later Mom started tellin' Dad she wanted a dog. Dey knew dey wanted to adopt a dog instead of buying on, and dey wanted a dog dat was harder to adopt. Dad wasn't so sure dey was ready for a doggie but Mom really wanted a dog. She started lookin' on da 'puter at dogs dat were for adoption. She was lookin' at da Kansas Humane Society website and saw a foto dat changed her life. She says it was love at first site. Here is da foto:
Mom talked Dad into going to da shelter "just to visit". Dey looked at all da dogs but were keeping an eye our fur sisfur.  When dey found her she was in da back of her kennel, Mom says she looked scared and sad. Dey decided dey wanted to find out more, when dey walked away from da kennel, Brownie cried! Dad says dat is when he knew she was der dog, Mom says she knew when she saw da foto. Da shelter let dem take her out and go to a visiting room. Mom sat down on da floor and when Brownie came in she ran into Mom's lap and put her head on her shoulder. She loved dem right away too!
Da date was February 9th, 2003, and dat was da dey Brownie got her furever home!!! Now she is nine years old and she is my big sisfur. I luffs my sisfur. I miss her when one of us duz stuff wifout da ofer. I like to be close to her when I is nervous and she is fun to play wif! She is an excellent big sisfur! She is always nice too me, even when I is being 'noying.
Dis is a foto Mom took of Brownie just dis week:
Today, Mom got sad. She took us to da dog park and we were very happy and had lots of fun. But Brownie wasn't moving as easy as usual and she laid down a lot. When we did a walk around da edge of da fence togetfur, Brownie had a hard time keeping up wif us. Mom says it is her hips, she says she is sad dat her baby girl isn't a baby anymore. She gave her lots of luffs when we gots home. I luffs her too so I wanted to talk about her on my blog today. Here are Mom's two favrit fotos of Brownie. One is older and one is newer.
And dats a little about my big sisfur, Brownie and how much we luffs her!!

Friday, November 11, 2011


My Big Day!

Today I did have a BIG day! First, I snuggled wif Mom and Dad but den Dad went to work, so I snuggled wif Mom. Den Mom remembered it was Veteran's Day and said it was very impawtant, so she put on a speshal t-shirt and dressed me in my camo bandanna!!
But dat wasn't all! We went for a ride, just me and Mom! She stopped at a big pump, stepped out and put a long hose in da back of da van. When she was done she got back in da car again. She took me to doggy daycare! I duz luffs going to daycare at Paws to Play- you can see der website on my list of favorite websites! But I was only der for about an hour when Mom came and got me! After dat we drove to see Dad!! I got to explore his office and meet da man he works wif! He gave me a piece of ham!!!!
But dis is where it gets really 'citing! We got back in da van and drove a long time! I took a nap on da way! We stopped at a house... it was da house of Mom's Mom and Dad! I has two uncles and two aunts dat live der too! Dey is all golden retrievers!! I wuz pretty scaredy at furst cuz I has nefur met dem before, but I calmed down. Mom and her Mom took me to Petco! It was fun 'cept dey bought me booties! SO EMBARRASSING!!! Den we went to TSC and der were lots of people der. Dey stopped for food on da way home and it smellled SO NOMMY!!!
Dey ate der dinner but shared bits of it wif all us doggies! It was so tasty!!! Mom says dey were spoiling me, but I duzn't feel like I has gone bad!
Den we got back in da van and drove a long way agin. I did sleepings in da van, and I is still SOOPER tired! So much 'citement!!!
Here is a photo of my uncles and aunts and Mom's parents.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Foto Contest And Fun Wif Paint.Net

I is in a foto contest! One of my favrit places to shop is K9 Closet! (You can find it on the list of websites I luff!) Dey have a foto contest efurry monf. I tried to win last monf but I came in second place. I is gonna try again dis monf. Foto Contest! Follow dat link, I is the fifth foto down in da fird column. I really wants to win!!

Today, Mom showed me how to use Paint.Net. It is sorta like Photoshop, but it's free! Mom asked me to add Lucy to the family foto from the dog park da ofer day. But I decided if I was adding Lucy, I was going to add Mom too. She didn't really like dat, but she didn't stop me.
De above foto is da finished produkt. I fink it is fun! I had fun editing da fotos! I hope to do more in da future!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

More Family Fotos.

Da ofer day I posted a foto of my Dad, wif me and Brownie. But you did not get to see Mom or Lucy. So today I will share fotos of dem.
First since she is da most important, here is my Mom.
Dis is me, Frankie, wif my Mom at da Howl-o-ween pawty dat da IG Rescue in our city had. I is dressed as a bumblebee. (Yes, it was embarrassing) And Mom had da nerve to wear CAT ears to a dog pawty!! I duzn't know what she was finkin'!!

Dis is my weird sisfur, Lucy. Hers foto was not posted in da last post cuz she is a CAT and duzn't want to be seen at da DOG park. Lucy is 10 years old! Mom and Dad say she is a beautiful girl, but I duzn't see it. I just fink she is weird. 'Specially when she duz hang out in da empty boxes like dat. But she luffs it! Sometimes I like chasings her. But den Mom calls me "FrankieNO!" And I duzn't luffs dat.

Anyway, der is da rest of my familee. Fank you for reading my blog!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Familee Foto!

Here is a foto of most of my familee. You sees my Dad, and in his lap is me, Frankie, and on da side is my sisfur, Brownie, she is nine years old. Mom took da foto today at da dog park, so she is not in da foto. (Oh, and der is my sisfur, Lucy...but she is a cat and so she duzn't go to da DOG park.)

I Has A Blog!

I has decided to start a blog. I was inspired by my furends, Molly and David cuz dey have wonderful blogs and I want to be more like dem! I want to share fotos wif you from my life and share wif you da exciting fings dat happen... and prolly da boring fings too. Anyways, welcome to my blog!!

A special fanks to Vincent, Molly, Remy, Calley, and Slip fur helpin' me decide on a name fur dis blog! You is all super furends!!