Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Sisfur, Lucy.

Before, I did write a post about my big sisfur, Brownie. Now, Mom and Dad tell me it's only fair dat I write one about my ofur sisfur, Lucy.

Dat is Lucy on one of her first days wif Mom and Dad. She was about a year and half old. (Dat's da same age I was when i was adopted!) But now she is 10!! Dat foto was taken a long time ago!

February, 2003 Mom and Dad adopted my sisfur, Brownie. I already told dat story. Dat Winter, Mom and Dad saw Lucy for adoption at da PetSmart dat we go to. Mom really wanted to adopt her but Dad said no. Dey kept visiting da store and visiting Lucy. Da more dey visited and da more dey played wif da cats, the more Dad considered adopting Lucy. Eventually he said it was okay. So at da end of October, dey did submit der application to da rescue. Da lady didn't want to adopt da cat to M&D cuz dey rent der home. She said hoomans who rent der homes usually moof and den don't want da animals anymore!! Can you believe dat?!? Mom told her dat her pets are her family, she would not leaf dem behind. Den da nice manager at PetSmart wrote a letter of recommendation for M&D, saying dey are good hoomans and are a good Mom and Dad and dat dey should get to take Lucy home! So da rescue decided to okay da adoption!! On November 2nd, 2003 M&D took Lucy home. Dey say she is a very social and sweet kitty. I.. well.. I's just fink she is a cat. I duz like to chase her!!
She has been wif Mom and Dad a long time now! She has never been mean to me, 'cept when I suprise her by being underneaf da blankie she tries to walk on. But even den she is not mean, she is just surprized.
I guess she is a good sisfur, but just look at dees fotos! Mom and Dad say I is sillies, but look at all the silly places dey haf found Lucy!!
Here are more photos of her.

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