Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Tomorrow is Fanksgiving here da USA. Dats a day where hoomans duz eat lots and is supposed to take time to be fankful for der lives, da people dey luff, and da fings dey have.
I fink eating lots duz sound pawsome. But Mom told me it is impawtant to remember not to share lots of hooman food wif doggies (even hounds, like me!), dat too much will make us unhealfy. She also sez dat some foods will make doggies sick even if dey duzn't make hoomans sick! So PLEASE be careful 'bout what you share wif your doggies dis Fanksgiving!! And remember not to give dem cooked bones as dey are dangerus.
But it is also impawtant to take time to be fankful for efurryfing and efurry one you love. 'Specially doggies, cause dat means extra cuddles fur us!!!


  1. Sound advice my friend. Mom gives us a bit of turkey n potatoes n mayb a bite a her healthy pumpkin pie but you gotz ta b careful not ta overdue.

  2. Frankie, Slip and I are glad that you are in our little corner of the innerwebs. You are pawsome! Have a good turkey day. Gobble, gobble!