Wednesday, November 9, 2011

More Family Fotos.

Da ofer day I posted a foto of my Dad, wif me and Brownie. But you did not get to see Mom or Lucy. So today I will share fotos of dem.
First since she is da most important, here is my Mom.
Dis is me, Frankie, wif my Mom at da Howl-o-ween pawty dat da IG Rescue in our city had. I is dressed as a bumblebee. (Yes, it was embarrassing) And Mom had da nerve to wear CAT ears to a dog pawty!! I duzn't know what she was finkin'!!

Dis is my weird sisfur, Lucy. Hers foto was not posted in da last post cuz she is a CAT and duzn't want to be seen at da DOG park. Lucy is 10 years old! Mom and Dad say she is a beautiful girl, but I duzn't see it. I just fink she is weird. 'Specially when she duz hang out in da empty boxes like dat. But she luffs it! Sometimes I like chasings her. But den Mom calls me "FrankieNO!" And I duzn't luffs dat.

Anyway, der is da rest of my familee. Fank you for reading my blog!

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