Saturday, November 12, 2011

My Big Sisfur

I has two big sisfurs, Brownie is a doggie like me and Lucy is a cat. But today, I want to talk about my sisfur, Brownie.
Brownie was borned on July 2nd, 2002. I duzn't know what her life was like before, but when she was 7 monfs old she ended up at da Kansas Humane Society. Mom and Dad got married August 24th, 2002, and a short time later Mom started tellin' Dad she wanted a dog. Dey knew dey wanted to adopt a dog instead of buying on, and dey wanted a dog dat was harder to adopt. Dad wasn't so sure dey was ready for a doggie but Mom really wanted a dog. She started lookin' on da 'puter at dogs dat were for adoption. She was lookin' at da Kansas Humane Society website and saw a foto dat changed her life. She says it was love at first site. Here is da foto:
Mom talked Dad into going to da shelter "just to visit". Dey looked at all da dogs but were keeping an eye our fur sisfur.  When dey found her she was in da back of her kennel, Mom says she looked scared and sad. Dey decided dey wanted to find out more, when dey walked away from da kennel, Brownie cried! Dad says dat is when he knew she was der dog, Mom says she knew when she saw da foto. Da shelter let dem take her out and go to a visiting room. Mom sat down on da floor and when Brownie came in she ran into Mom's lap and put her head on her shoulder. She loved dem right away too!
Da date was February 9th, 2003, and dat was da dey Brownie got her furever home!!! Now she is nine years old and she is my big sisfur. I luffs my sisfur. I miss her when one of us duz stuff wifout da ofer. I like to be close to her when I is nervous and she is fun to play wif! She is an excellent big sisfur! She is always nice too me, even when I is being 'noying.
Dis is a foto Mom took of Brownie just dis week:
Today, Mom got sad. She took us to da dog park and we were very happy and had lots of fun. But Brownie wasn't moving as easy as usual and she laid down a lot. When we did a walk around da edge of da fence togetfur, Brownie had a hard time keeping up wif us. Mom says it is her hips, she says she is sad dat her baby girl isn't a baby anymore. She gave her lots of luffs when we gots home. I luffs her too so I wanted to talk about her on my blog today. Here are Mom's two favrit fotos of Brownie. One is older and one is newer.
And dats a little about my big sisfur, Brownie and how much we luffs her!!

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  1. It's lovely to hear about your family, Frankie.
    I hope Brownie feels better soon xx