Thursday, November 10, 2011

Foto Contest And Fun Wif Paint.Net

I is in a foto contest! One of my favrit places to shop is K9 Closet! (You can find it on the list of websites I luff!) Dey have a foto contest efurry monf. I tried to win last monf but I came in second place. I is gonna try again dis monf. Foto Contest! Follow dat link, I is the fifth foto down in da fird column. I really wants to win!!

Today, Mom showed me how to use Paint.Net. It is sorta like Photoshop, but it's free! Mom asked me to add Lucy to the family foto from the dog park da ofer day. But I decided if I was adding Lucy, I was going to add Mom too. She didn't really like dat, but she didn't stop me.
De above foto is da finished produkt. I fink it is fun! I had fun editing da fotos! I hope to do more in da future!

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