Friday, November 11, 2011

My Big Day!

Today I did have a BIG day! First, I snuggled wif Mom and Dad but den Dad went to work, so I snuggled wif Mom. Den Mom remembered it was Veteran's Day and said it was very impawtant, so she put on a speshal t-shirt and dressed me in my camo bandanna!!
But dat wasn't all! We went for a ride, just me and Mom! She stopped at a big pump, stepped out and put a long hose in da back of da van. When she was done she got back in da car again. She took me to doggy daycare! I duz luffs going to daycare at Paws to Play- you can see der website on my list of favorite websites! But I was only der for about an hour when Mom came and got me! After dat we drove to see Dad!! I got to explore his office and meet da man he works wif! He gave me a piece of ham!!!!
But dis is where it gets really 'citing! We got back in da van and drove a long time! I took a nap on da way! We stopped at a house... it was da house of Mom's Mom and Dad! I has two uncles and two aunts dat live der too! Dey is all golden retrievers!! I wuz pretty scaredy at furst cuz I has nefur met dem before, but I calmed down. Mom and her Mom took me to Petco! It was fun 'cept dey bought me booties! SO EMBARRASSING!!! Den we went to TSC and der were lots of people der. Dey stopped for food on da way home and it smellled SO NOMMY!!!
Dey ate der dinner but shared bits of it wif all us doggies! It was so tasty!!! Mom says dey were spoiling me, but I duzn't feel like I has gone bad!
Den we got back in da van and drove a long way agin. I did sleepings in da van, and I is still SOOPER tired! So much 'citement!!!
Here is a photo of my uncles and aunts and Mom's parents.

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  1. What a beautiful family you have! It does sound like an exciting day for you. Hope your booties don't pinch.