Sunday, November 27, 2011

New Jammies!!

Last year, Mom ordered me a hoodie from . I duz luff my hoodie!

Der is one prollem doe. If Mom and Dad forget to push da hoodie up, it duz cover my boy bits and wifout meaning to, I duz pee on it when I is outside doin' my business! So dis year, before it gets real cold, Mom put in anofer order to Sewdoggie Designs for some jammies!! My new jammies came in da mail a week or so ago, and I duz REALLY luffs dem. Dey is very warm and when I goes outside to do my business dey duzn't get wet! And dey look good wif me boots!!

And if dat isn't enuff. Jane, the nice lady at Sewdoggie Designs, duz do embroidery on da fings she makes for free!!! Check dis out:

I fink it is very pawsome. I duz like to have my name on my stuffs!!
So if you need pawsome jammies or a new hoodie, do check out Sewdoggie Designs!!

1 comment:

  1. I has a nice coat of which I grew out of since I been on da steroids. It does have my name on it as well. It sez, "SLIP".